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High-temperature oxidation behavior of arc ion plated NiCoCrAlYSiB coatings on cobalt-based superalloy

  • Y.J. Tang (a1), Q.M. Wang (a1), F.H. Yuan (a1), J. Gong (a1) and C. Sun (a1)...


NiCoCrAlYSiB coatings were deposited on the Co-based superalloy K40 by arc ion plating (AIP). The oxidation behavior of the bare alloy and of the coated specimens was tested in static air for 200 h at 1000 °C and 100 h at 1050 °C. The results showed that the oxidation rate of the system was greatly reduced by the addition of the NiCoCrAlYSiB coatings. Thin and adherent α–Al2O3 scales that formed on the coated specimens protected the substrates from further oxidation attack while non-protective oxide scales, mainly of Cr2O3 and CoCr2O4, appeared on bare K40 alloy. Element profiles on metallographic cross sections indicated that apparent interdiffusion occurred between the coatings and the substrates. The interdiffusion behavior and the resulting microstructure were investigated. As compared to aluminide coatings, NiCoCrAlYSiB coatings have less influence on the substrate microstructure.


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High-temperature oxidation behavior of arc ion plated NiCoCrAlYSiB coatings on cobalt-based superalloy

  • Y.J. Tang (a1), Q.M. Wang (a1), F.H. Yuan (a1), J. Gong (a1) and C. Sun (a1)...


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