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Highly efficient solar steam generation by hybrid plasmonic structured TiN/mesoporous anodized alumina membrane

  • Yue Bian (a1), Kun Tang (a1), Zhonghua Xu (a1), Jingrui Ma (a1), Yang Shen (a1), Licai Hao (a1), Xuanhu Chen (a1), Kuiying Nie (a1), Jing Li (a1), Tongchuan Ma (a1), Shunming Zhu (a1), Jiandong Ye (a1), Xiang Xiong (a2), Yi Yang (a1), Rong Zhang (a1), Youdou Zheng (a1) and Shulin Gu (a1)...


Given the global water challenges, solar-driven steam generation has become a renewed topic recently as an energy-efficient way for clean water production. Here, a hybrid plasmonic structure consisting of a top layer of TiN nanoparticles (NPs) and a bottom layer of mesoporous anodized alumina membrane (AAM) was rationally designed and fabricated. The top TiN NPs with broadband light absorption acted as a plasmonic heating layer, which converted the absorbed light to heat efficiently for interfacial water heating. The AAM acted as the mechanical support layer, guaranteeing the heat isolation and continuous water replenishment. With optimized thickness of the TiN top layer, a solar steam generation efficiency of 87.7% was achieved in this study. This efficiency is comparable or even higher than prior studies. The current work proves the capability of the TiN NPs as an alternative photothermal material.


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Highly efficient solar steam generation by hybrid plasmonic structured TiN/mesoporous anodized alumina membrane

  • Yue Bian (a1), Kun Tang (a1), Zhonghua Xu (a1), Jingrui Ma (a1), Yang Shen (a1), Licai Hao (a1), Xuanhu Chen (a1), Kuiying Nie (a1), Jing Li (a1), Tongchuan Ma (a1), Shunming Zhu (a1), Jiandong Ye (a1), Xiang Xiong (a2), Yi Yang (a1), Rong Zhang (a1), Youdou Zheng (a1) and Shulin Gu (a1)...


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