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The formation of single-phase equiatomic MnBi by rapid solidification

  • X. Guo (a1), A. Zaluska (a1), Z. Altounian (a1) and J. O. Ström-Olsen (a1)


The low temperature phase (LTP) of MnBi, which is of interest because of its large magnetic anisotropy, has been obtained in almost single-phase form (>95%) by rapid solidification, followed by thermal annealing. X-ray and electron microscope studies indicate that the melt-spun ribbons are amorphous, contrary to the accepted rules for glass formation. The transformation of the amorphous phase is a complex process. The amorphous phase crystallizes first into Bi, Mn3Bi, and ferrimagnetic MnBi. The formation of the LTP begins immediately after the eutectic melting of these phases around 540 K.



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