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Formation and control of nanoporous Ag through electrochemical dealloying of the melt-spun Cu-Ag-Ce alloys

  • Guijing Li (a1), Xiaoping Song (a1), Feifei Lu (a1), Zhanbo Sun (a1), Zhimao Yang (a1), Shengchun Yang (a1) and Bingjun Ding (a1)...


In this work, the ultrafine nanoporous Ag ribbons were achieved through addition of 2 at.%–6 at.% Ce into the melt-spun Cu-Ag alloys and applying different electrochemical dealloying potentials. The dendritic morphology of the ligaments in the dealloyed Cu80Ag20 alloy varied to be equiaxial due to the addition of Ce, and the pore size reduced from 200 nm to less than 60 nm. The nanoporous Ag with an average pore size of ∼15 nm was obtained from the Cu74Ag20Ce6 alloy. The pore and ligament sizes of the nanoporous Ag prepared from the Cu76Ag20Ce4 alloy exhibited an increasing tendency with the increase of applied potentials, while the dealloyed Cu78Ag20Ce2 had an opposite variation. Moreover, the addition of Ce into the Cu-Ag alloys also promoted the dealloying. Nanoporous Ag exhibited the stronger enhancement of the surface enhanced Raman scattering effects with the increase of Ce contents in the precursory alloys.


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Formation and control of nanoporous Ag through electrochemical dealloying of the melt-spun Cu-Ag-Ce alloys

  • Guijing Li (a1), Xiaoping Song (a1), Feifei Lu (a1), Zhanbo Sun (a1), Zhimao Yang (a1), Shengchun Yang (a1) and Bingjun Ding (a1)...


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