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Fabrication of TiO2 nanospheres by template replication in porous carbon networks

  • J. C. Kim (a1), Y. N. Kim (a1), E. O. Chi (a1), N. H. Hur (a1), S. B. Yoon (a2) and J-S. Yu (a2)...


A silica-colloidal template approach was used to prepare monodisperse nanospheres of TiO2. Close-packed arrays of silica spheres were infiltrated with a sucrose precursor used as a source of carbon. The infiltrated sucrose was carbonized by calcination at 800 °C in flowing argon. After removal of the silica spheres by washing with HF, a porous carbon replica remained. The resulting pores in the replica were then filled with a chloroform solution of titanium alkoxide. Nanospheres of TiO2 approximately 200 nm in diameter were obtained after calcination of the organic component at 600 °C in an argon atmosphere and subsequent sintering in air at 700 °C.



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