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Enhancement of yellow emission and afterglow in Sr3SiO5: Eu2+, Dy3+ by adding alkaline earth metal fluorides

  • Kai Dong (a1), Junjie Liao (a1), Siguo Xiao (a2), Xiaoliang Yang (a2) and Jian Wen Ding (a2)...


Yellow-emitting long afterglow phosphors Sr3−xSiO5, xMF2: Eu2+, Dy3+ (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.15, M: Ba, Sr, Ca) have been prepared by high-temperature solid-state reaction method followed with rapid cooling process. Photoluminescence measurement reveals that the main emission of the phosphors locates at 575 nm, corresponding to the 4f65d1–4f7 transition of Eu2+. The introduction of alkaline earth metal fluoride effectively enhances the luminescence intensity and prolongs the afterglow time. Especially, the afterglow of the Sr2.95SiO5, 0.05BaF2: Eu2+, Dy3+ phosphor can last for 12 h. Thermal luminescence measurement shows that the trap density of Sr3SiO5: Eu2+, Dy3+ phosphor can be adjusted by adding different alkaline earth metal fluorides, which offers a feasible way to improve the afterglow properties of silicate phosphors.


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Enhancement of yellow emission and afterglow in Sr3SiO5: Eu2+, Dy3+ by adding alkaline earth metal fluorides

  • Kai Dong (a1), Junjie Liao (a1), Siguo Xiao (a2), Xiaoliang Yang (a2) and Jian Wen Ding (a2)...


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