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Electrical technique for monitoring crack growth in thin-film fracture mechanics specimens

  • Eric P. Guyer (a1) and Reinhold H. Dauskardt (a1)


An accurate and reliable electrical technique for continuous monitoring of crack growth in fracture specimens containing technologically relevant thin-film device structures has been developed. Both adhesive and cohesive crack growth measurements are reported using a SiO2 passivation layer and a conducting titanium film deposited on the side face of fracture specimens. Crack velocity measurements approaching 10−12 m/s were achieved, representing nearly an order of magnitude improvement over commonly used compliance-based techniques. The technique may be particularly useful for elucidating near threshold crack velocity behavior, which is important for thin-film reliability.


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Electrical technique for monitoring crack growth in thin-film fracture mechanics specimens

  • Eric P. Guyer (a1) and Reinhold H. Dauskardt (a1)


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