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Effect of the electropulsing on mechanical properties and microstructure of an ECAPed AZ31 Mg alloy

  • X.N. Du (a1), S.M. Yin (a1), S.C. Liu (a2), B.Q. Wang (a1) and J.D. Guo (a1)...


The mechanical properties and corresponding microstructure development of the AZ31 Mg alloy after treatment with equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) and subsequent electropulsing (ECP) was investigated. Comparing the ECAP+ECP-treated AZ31 alloy with the ECAP-treated alloy, the elongation to failure was improved significantly, while the yield stress and the ultimate tensile strength were not decreased, the grain sizes were slightly increased and more homogeneous, and the texture was barely changed. The main mechanism for the evolution of the structures and properties might be ascribed to the increased nucleation rate on recrystallization and the decreased dislocation density during the ECP treatment. It was reasonable to expect that the ECAP+ECP treatment would provide a promising approach for enhancing the mechanical properties of the Mg alloys.


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