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Effect of partial vacuum on YBCO thick films on Y2BaCuO5 and ZrO2 substrates

  • Indu Dhingra (a1), R.B. Tripathi (a1) and B.K. Das (a1)


High Tc superconducting YBCO films have been prepared on Y2BaCuO5 (211) and ZrO2 substrates by screen printing and by the partial vacuum sintering method. The influence of reduced pressure and temperature in correlation with adherence, microstructure, and superconducting properties has been observed. This study was carried out under two different partial pressures, 1 and 45 mm. Films on Y2BaCuO5 substrates were found to have better superconducting properties as compared to the ZrO2 substrate.



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Effect of partial vacuum on YBCO thick films on Y2BaCuO5 and ZrO2 substrates

  • Indu Dhingra (a1), R.B. Tripathi (a1) and B.K. Das (a1)


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