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The effect of ion milling on the morphology of ramp-type Josephson junctions

  • Dave H. A. Blank (a1) and Horst Rogalla (a1)


Artificial barriers in Josephson junctions make it possible to change the height and width of the barrier independently. This technique can be realized in high-Tc Josephson junctions using the ramp technique. In this article the fabrication of ramp-type junctions is discussed and the importance of the morphology of the ramp is pointed out. Detailed investigations are described which address the surface roughness and the damage due to ion-beam structuring of ramps. It is shown that hard masks can significantly improve the ramp quality by reducing the ion impact angle. Furthermore, annealing of the so structured ramps leads to unit cell steps enforcing a step-flow growth mode.



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The effect of ion milling on the morphology of ramp-type Josephson junctions

  • Dave H. A. Blank (a1) and Horst Rogalla (a1)


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