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Effect of film composition on the orientation of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 grains in (Ba,Sr)yTiO2+ythin films

  • Debra L. Kaiser (a1), Mark D. Vaudin (a1), Lawrence D. Rotter (a1), John E. Bonevich (a1), Igor Levin (a1), John T. Armstrong (a2), Alexander L. Roytburd (a3) and Darrell G. Schlom (a4)...


Thin films of composition (Ba,Sr)yTiO2+y with 0.43 ≤ y ≤; 1.64, were deposited by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on (100) MgO substrates at various growth conditions. X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy studies showed that the films were composed of epitaxial Ba1–xSrxTiO3 (x ≈0.06) grains and an amorphous phase. The orientation of the tetragonal Ba1–xSrxTiO3 grains (pure a axis, pure c axis, or a mix of the two) was found to be strongly dependent upon film composition. This composition dependence is explained for the majority of the Ti-rich films by an analysis of average strains in the two-phase films, assuming a compressive strain of ≈1% in the amorphous phase.



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Effect of film composition on the orientation of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 grains in (Ba,Sr)yTiO2+ythin films

  • Debra L. Kaiser (a1), Mark D. Vaudin (a1), Lawrence D. Rotter (a1), John E. Bonevich (a1), Igor Levin (a1), John T. Armstrong (a2), Alexander L. Roytburd (a3) and Darrell G. Schlom (a4)...


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