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Effect of Ag Addition on the Improvement of Glass-forming Ability and Plasticity of Mg–Cu–Gd Bulk Metallic Glass

  • E.S. Park (a1), J.Y. Lee (a1) and D.H. Kim (a1)


The effect of Ag substitution for Cu on the glass forming ability (GFA) and mechanical properties of Mg65Cu25−xAgxGd10 (x = 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25) alloyswere investigated using x-ray diffractometry and differential scanning calorimetry.The partial substitution of Cu by Ag in Mg65Cu25Gd10 promoted the GFA. Mg65Cu20Ag5Gd10 bulk metallic glass (BMG) with a diameter of 11 mm could be fabricated by conventional copper-mold casting method in air atmosphere. The Mg65Cu20Ag5Gd10 BMG exhibits yielding and plastic deformation during compressive loading. The compressive fracture strength, total strain to failure, and plastic strain to failure of the Mg65Cu20Ag5Gd10 BMG were 909 MPa, 2.21% and 0.5%, respectively.


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Effect of Ag Addition on the Improvement of Glass-forming Ability and Plasticity of Mg–Cu–Gd Bulk Metallic Glass

  • E.S. Park (a1), J.Y. Lee (a1) and D.H. Kim (a1)


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