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Dielectric anomaly and magnetic response of epitaxial orthorhombic YMnO3 thin films

  • X. Martí (a1), V. Skumryev (a2), V. Laukhin (a3), F. Sánchez (a1), M.V. García-Cuenca (a4), C. Ferrater (a4), M. Varela (a4) and J. Fontcuberta (a5)...


The structure, magnetic response, and dielectric response of the grown epitaxial thin films of the orthorhombic phase of YMnO3 oxide on Nb:SrTiO3 (001) substrates have been measured. We have found that a substrate-induced strain produces an in-plane compression of the YMnO3 unit cell. The magnetization versus temperature curves display a significant zero-field cooling (ZFC)-field cooling hysteresis below the Néel temperature (TN ≈ 45 K). The dielectric constant increases gradually (up to 26%) below the TN and mimics the ZFC magnetization curve. We argue that these effects could be a manifestation of magnetoelectric coupling in YMnO3 thin films and that the magnetic structure of YMnO3 can be controlled by substrate selection and/or growth conditions.


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Dielectric anomaly and magnetic response of epitaxial orthorhombic YMnO3 thin films

  • X. Martí (a1), V. Skumryev (a2), V. Laukhin (a3), F. Sánchez (a1), M.V. García-Cuenca (a4), C. Ferrater (a4), M. Varela (a4) and J. Fontcuberta (a5)...


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