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Diamond synthesis by high-velocity thermal spray: The laboratory analogue of a meteorite impact

  • R. Goswami (a1), H. Herman (a1), S. Sampath (a1) and J. B. Parise (a2)


Nanocrystalline-diamond particles were produced in the form of a coating by depositing Ni-clad graphite powder in a high-velocity thermal spray experiment. Particles were accelerated to impact and formed a thick film (>20 μm) on a steel substrate, with the high-velocity impact generating a shock wave, which propagates through the particle and the underlying deposits. Transmission electron microscopy revealed that this deposit contains cubic diamond nanocrystals having a size range of 5 to 10 nm in graphite. In addition to diamond, it was observed that a portion of the deposit contains “closed-curved graphite.”



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