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Densification kinetics of glass films constrained on rigid substrates

  • Jaecheol Bang (a1) and Guo-Quan Lu (a1)


The kinetics of constrained-film sintering were studied in a borosilicate glass (BSG) + silica system because of their applications in microelectronic packaging technologies. Samples with a silica content by 20% by volume were prepared from slurries of powder mixtures in a commercial polyvinyl butyral (PVB) binder solution. Constrained films about 0.2 mm thick were formed by doctor-blade casting the slurries on silicon wafers. Free-standing films about 0.6 mm thick were also produced by casting the slurries on a treated mylar sheet for easy lift-off. Sintering experiments were carried out in a hot stage at temperatures between 715 °C and 775 °C. Shrinkage profiles of the free and constrained (shrinkage in thickness only) films were determined in situ using a custom-designed optical system. The densification rates measured in the constrained films were slower than those in the free films. However, the substrate constraint had no effect on the activation energy of densification which was found equal to 385 ± 10 kJ/mol, the same for both free and constrained films. A relation between the constrained-film and free-film densification profiles was derived using the viscous analogy for the constitutive equations of a porous sintering body.



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Densification kinetics of glass films constrained on rigid substrates

  • Jaecheol Bang (a1) and Guo-Quan Lu (a1)


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