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Crystal orientation and surface morphology of face-centered-cubic metal thin films deposited upon single-crystal ceramic substrates using pulsed laser deposition

  • Andrew J. Francis (a1) and Paul A. Salvador (a1)


Cu, Pt, Ag, and Au were deposited on (100)-oriented ceramic substrates (SrTiO3, LaAlO3, and MgO). Over a wide range of temperatures (room temperature to 600 °C), Cu films were (100)-oriented and exhibited cube-on-cube epitaxy. Epitaxial Pt(100) films were obtained only at high temperature; oriented Pt(111) films were obtained at lower temperatures. Ag and Au were never obtained as purely (100)-oriented samples, although the amount of (100)-film increased with increasing temperature. Three-dimensional islands formed for all metals at higher temperatures, while flatter film surfaces developed at lower temperatures. At any given temperature, the surface roughness of films on SrTiO3(100) increased in the order Pt < Cu < Au < Ag. The variations in film structural characteristics are described well by considering the metals’ (i) surface/interfacial energies, (ii) surface energy anisotropies, and (iii) surface diffusion coefficients. Flat, epitaxial growth is promoted by low-energy interfaces, low surface energy anisotropies, and slow surface diffusion.


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Crystal orientation and surface morphology of face-centered-cubic metal thin films deposited upon single-crystal ceramic substrates using pulsed laser deposition

  • Andrew J. Francis (a1) and Paul A. Salvador (a1)


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