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Chromium implantation in silica glass

  • E. Cattaruzza (a1), R. Bertoncello (a2), F. Trivillin (a2), P. Mazzoldi (a3), G. Battaglin (a4), L. Mirenghi (a5) and P. Rotolo (a5)...


Silica glass was implanted with chromium at the energy of 35 and 160 keV and at fluences varying from 1 × 1016 to 11 × 1016 ions cm−2. In a set of chromium-implanted samples significant amounts of carbon were detected. Samples were characterized by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, x-ray-excited Auger electron spectroscopy, secondary ion mass spectrometry, and Rutherford backscattering spectrometry. Chromium silicide and chromium oxide compounds were observed; the presence of carbon in the implanted layers induces the further formation of chromium carbide species. Thermodynamic considerations applied to the investigated systems supply indications in agreement with the experimental evidences.



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