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Boron nitride nanotube reinforced titanium metal matrix composites with excellent high-temperature performance

  • Md Mahedi Hasan Bhuiyan (a1), Jiangting Wang (a1), Lu Hua Li (a1), Peter Hodgson (a1), Arvind Agarwal (a2), Ma Qian (a3) and Ying Chen (a1)...


Boron nitride nanotube (BNNT) reinforced titanium (Ti) matrix composites were prepared using the cold press-and-sinter method. In the composite sintered at 800 °C for 1 h, BNNTs were homogeneously distributed in the Ti matrix and restricted the growth of Ti grains. The compressive strength of the as-sintered Ti–4 vol% BNNT composite achieved 985 MPa at room temperature versus 678 MPa without the BNNT reinforcements. The highest compressive strength of 277 MPa at 500 °C was obtained from the Ti–5 vol% BNNT composite. When sintered at 1000 °C, chemical reactions occurred between Ti and BNNTs leading to the formation of the interfacial TiB phase, which serves as a strong binding between BNNTs and the Ti matrix. The reinforcements were attributed by a mixture of BNNTs and TiB after sintering at 1000 °C for 3 h. However, no BNNT was observed in the microstructure after sintering at 1100 °C for 3 h due to complete transformation into TiB whiskers.


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Boron nitride nanotube reinforced titanium metal matrix composites with excellent high-temperature performance

  • Md Mahedi Hasan Bhuiyan (a1), Jiangting Wang (a1), Lu Hua Li (a1), Peter Hodgson (a1), Arvind Agarwal (a2), Ma Qian (a3) and Ying Chen (a1)...


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