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Polarity of GaN with polar {0001} and semipolar ${\left\{ {{\bf10} {\bar {\bf 1}\bf1} \right\}}}$, ${\left\{ {{\bf20}\bar {\bf 2}\bf1} \right\}}}$, ${\left\{ {{\bf11}\bar {\bf 2}\bf2} \right\}}}$ orientations by x-ray photoelectron diffraction

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  05 June 2015

Oleksandr Romanyuk*
Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Cukrovarnicka 10, 162 53 Prague, Czech Republic
Petr Jiříček
Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Cukrovarnicka 10, 162 53 Prague, Czech Republic
Tania Paskova
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina 27606, USA
Igor Bartoš
Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Cukrovarnicka 10, 162 53 Prague, Czech Republic
a)Address all correspondence to this author. e-mail:
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A fast and nondestructive method for polarity determination of wurtzite GaN crystals based on x-ray photoelectron diffraction (XPD) has been demonstrated. Photoelectron emission from N 1s core level excited by Mg Kα source was found sufficient for the polarity determination of GaN crystals. XPD polar plots from polar GaN {0001} and semipolar GaN$\{ 10\bar 11\}$, $\left\{ {20\bar 21} \right\}$, $\left\{ {11\bar 22} \right\}$ crystals have been analyzed. Due to dominant electron forward scattering along N–Ga directions, photoelectron intensities either increase or decrease within a relatively narrow emission polar angle range. The slopes of polar plots are found noticeably different in the polar angle range of 20°–25° for (0001) or $\left( {000\bar 1} \right)$ crystals, respectively. The semipolar GaN substrates can be divided into two groups, depending on whether m-plane or a-plane is perpendicular to the semipolar surface. It was found that the slopes of the polar plots are different in the angular range of 20°–27° for semipolar GaN$\left\{ {10\bar 11} \right\}$, 10°–22° for GaN$\left\{ {20\bar 21} \right\}$ substrates, while for the GaN$\left\{ {11\bar 22} \right\}$ semipolar planes, the slopes are different in the range of 0°–15° with respect to the surface normal.

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