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Visual dysfunction: Abnormal sign of benign spheno-ethmoidal lesions

  • Mohamed Rifai (a1) and Beshr Kenawi (a2)


Isolated visual dysfunction with or without proptosis is rarely described as a sign of benign sphenoethmoidal lesions. Five patients with benign swelling of the sino-orbital region and related visual defects are reported. Cases include one patient with fibrous dysplasia, two patients with mucocoeles and two patients suffering from aspergillosis of the sinuses. A review of the literature and discussion of the cases is presented.


Corresponding author

Dr Mohamed Rifai, MD MD 8 Hoda Sharawi Street, Bab-El-Louk, Cairo 11111, Egypt.


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Visual dysfunction: Abnormal sign of benign spheno-ethmoidal lesions

  • Mohamed Rifai (a1) and Beshr Kenawi (a2)


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