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The use of antibiotic/steroid ear drops to reduce post-operative otorrhoea and blockage of ventilation tubes. A prospective study

  • M. A. Salam (a1) and H. R. Cable (a1)


This prospective randomized study investigates whether the use of antibiotic/steroid ear drops (Betnesol-N) is effective in reducing early post-operative otorrhoea and blockjage of ventilation tubes (VTs). The study included 162 children who had bilateral VT insertion and used Betnesol-N ear drops in one ear only for three days after surgery, the other ear was left as cotrol. These children were reviewed two weeks later and their ears wer examined for VT patency, presence of blood or of mucopus. Statistical analysis of our results showed that the use of Betneso-N ear drops has significantly reduced the incidence of post-operative otorrhoes within two weeks of VTs insertion (p<0.01). However, these drops dids not have a significant effect on the blockage rates of VTs with dried bolld (p>0.05).


Corresponding author

Mr M. A. Salam, 18 Arundel Close, Warwick, Warwickshire CV34 5HZ.


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