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Type D personality, anxiety, depression and personality traits in patients with isolated itching of the external auditory canal

  • B Yilmaz (a1), F Canan (a2), E Şengül (a1), F E Özkurt (a1), S F Tuna (a1) and H Yildirim (a1)...



This study evaluated type D personality, anxiety, depression and personality traits in patients with isolated itching of the external auditory canal.


A hundred consecutive out-patients with isolated itching of the external auditory canal and 100 controls were enrolled in the study. The Type D Scale, the abbreviated form of the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire Revised and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale were used for data collection. Patients were also evaluated using the Modified Itch Severity Scale.


In all, 43 per cent of patients and 15 per cent of controls met the criteria for a type D personality. Patients with a type D personality had higher anxiety and itching severity but lower extraversion compared with those without a type D personality. Multiple linear regression analysis showed that extraversion and type D personality were independently associated with itch severity.


These data suggest that clinicians should consider psychological and personality features when evaluating and treating patients with isolated itching of the external auditory canal.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr F Canan, Department of Psychiatry, Akdeniz University School of Medicine, 07059 Kampüs, Antalya, Turkey Fax: +90 242 2275540 E-mail:


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Type D personality, anxiety, depression and personality traits in patients with isolated itching of the external auditory canal

  • B Yilmaz (a1), F Canan (a2), E Şengül (a1), F E Özkurt (a1), S F Tuna (a1) and H Yildirim (a1)...


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