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Treatment of refractory Aspergillus otomycosis with voriconazole: case series and review

  • Hsu-Chueh Ho (a1) (a2), Shih-Hsuan Hsiao (a1) (a2), Cheng-Yung Lee (a1) (a2) and Chen-Chi Tsai (a2) (a3)



Voriconazole is a broad-spectrum azole exhibiting strong anti-Aspergillus activity and good long-term tolerance. However, the evidence for voriconazole efficacy against refractory Aspergillus otomycosis is weak.


We reviewed the medical records of patients with Aspergillus otomycosis treated with voriconazole from January 2008 to June 2012 in a Taiwanese regional hospital. Demographic data and information regarding underlying diseases, clinical features, treatment and outcome were assessed.


In total, 14 cases of Aspergillus otomycosis were treated with voriconazole, including 5 patients with Aspergillus invasive otitis externa. All patients had failed to respond to local treatment, antibiotics or topical agents. One case was lost to follow up. The symptoms of two patients recurred after voriconazole treatment: one patient received a second 12-week course of voriconazole and was cured; and symptoms of the other patient recurred after a second 12-week course of voriconazole, leading to surgical debridement. The remaining 11 patients were cured by voriconazole treatment without extensive surgical debridement.


This study demonstrates that voriconazole can be a very effective and convenient therapeutic option for the management of refractory Aspergillus otomycosis.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Dr Chen-Chi Tsai Division of Infectious Disease, Department of Medicine, Buddhist Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, No. 2, Minsheng Road, Dalin Township, Chiayi County 62247, Taiwan Fax: +886 5 2648999 E-mail:


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Treatment of refractory Aspergillus otomycosis with voriconazole: case series and review

  • Hsu-Chueh Ho (a1) (a2), Shih-Hsuan Hsiao (a1) (a2), Cheng-Yung Lee (a1) (a2) and Chen-Chi Tsai (a2) (a3)


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