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Titanium grommets: a trial to assess function and extrusion rates

  • G. R. Shone (a1) and I. P. Griffith (a1)


Titanium grommets have been promoted as having the advantage of a slower extrusion rate than other types of ventilation tube. A prospective trial was therefore designed to compare the function and extrusion rates of these grommets with those of the widely used Shepard design of Teflon grommet in a single group of patients. Thirty-one children had one type of grommet inserted in one ear and the other type in the opposite ear. After eight months there were significantly more Titanium grommets still functioning (p < 0.05) but after 12 and after 16 months there was no significant difference in the extrusion rates of the two types of grommet. There was a higher incidence of infection with granulation tissue formation around the Titanium grommet. Accordingly it is concluded that the extra expense of the Titanium grommet is not justified, particularly as the long-term effects of these grommets on the tympanic membrane are not known.


Corresponding author

Department of Otolaryngology, University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff CF4 4XW.


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Titanium grommets: a trial to assess function and extrusion rates

  • G. R. Shone (a1) and I. P. Griffith (a1)


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