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A survey of how and why medical students and junior doctors choose a career in ENT surgery

  • M Bhutta (a1) (a2), R Mandavia (a1), I Syed (a3), A Qureshi (a4), R Hettige (a4), B Y W Wong (a5), S Saeed (a1) (a6) and J Cartledge (a7)...



To ascertain determinants of an interest in a career in ENT surgery through a survey of medical students and junior doctors.


A survey was administered, comprising Likert scales, forced response and single option questions, and free text responses, at five different courses or events for those interested in a career in ENT.


The survey had an 87 per cent response rate; respondents consisted of 43 applicants for national selection, 15 foundation doctors and 23 medical students. The most important factors that encourage ENT as a career included: the variety of operative procedures, work–life balance, inherent interest in this clinical area and inspirational senior role models. Exposure to ENT in undergraduate or post-graduate training is critical in deciding to pursue this specialty.


It is important to promote those aspects of ENT surgery that attract people to it, and to argue for greater exposure to ENT during undergraduate and post-graduate training.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Mr Mahmood Bhutta, Children's Surgical Centre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia E-mail:


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A survey of how and why medical students and junior doctors choose a career in ENT surgery

  • M Bhutta (a1) (a2), R Mandavia (a1), I Syed (a3), A Qureshi (a4), R Hettige (a4), B Y W Wong (a5), S Saeed (a1) (a6) and J Cartledge (a7)...


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