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The sphenoid sinus mucocoele

  • S. L. Sellars (a1) and J. C. De Villiers (a1)


Mucocoeles, mucopyocoeles and empyemas of the sphenoid sinus are rare, but potentially dangerous. Their occurrence is accompanied by a multitude of clinical symptoms and signs, which confuse the diagnosis and may lead to its mismanagement. The treatment of this condition is surgical and in its early states essentially simple.

At Groote Schuur Hospital over a 6-year period (1972–1977) 6 patients with mucocoeles, mucopyocoeles or abscesses of the sphenoid sinuses have been seen. Their clinical presentation, radiological findings and surgical treatment are described and discussed. Correctly managed this condition should completely resolve; however, there is a mortality associated with delay or misdiagnosis.



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The sphenoid sinus mucocoele

  • S. L. Sellars (a1) and J. C. De Villiers (a1)


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