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Rhinosporidiosis: immunohistochemical and electron microscopic studies

  • Bahram Azadeh (a1), Nina Baghoumian (a1) and Osama T. El-Bakri (a2)


Sixteen biopsies of rhinosporidiosis (15 nasal and one conjunctival) from 16 Southern Indian male immigrant workers showed mucosal lymphoplasmacellular infiltrates together with transepithelial elimination of nodular bodies and destruction of some late stage nodular bodies in histiocytic granulomata with central neutrophilic microabscesses. Early nodular bodies were immunohistochemically positive for alpha1-AT, alpha1-ACT, CEA, S100, fibronectin, amyloid-p-component, IgG, IgA, CIq and C3. Electron microscopy showed organized

concentric lamellated bodies in early nodular bodies and not in end-stage nodular bodies which contained mostly amorphous electron dense materials. Structures formerly regarded as ‘sporangia’ and ‘spores’ are believed to be lysosomal bodies loaded with indigestible residues to be cleared via transepithelial elimination or segregated/destroyed by secondary immune/granulomatous responses.


Corresponding author

Dr B. Azadeh, Breast Pathology Unit, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, BS10 5NB. Fax: 0272 509690.


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Rhinosporidiosis: immunohistochemical and electron microscopic studies

  • Bahram Azadeh (a1), Nina Baghoumian (a1) and Osama T. El-Bakri (a2)


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