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Premalignant changes in nasal and sinus polyps: a retrospective 10 year study (1979–1988)

  • A. de la Cruzc Mera (a1), M. J. Sánchez López (a1), E. Merino Royo (a1) and L. Requena (a1)


One hundred and seventy cases of nasal and/or sinus polyps diagnosed in the Pathology Service of the Hospital Militar Central GOMEZ/ULLA of Madrid (Spain) between 1.9.79 and 1.9.88 are reviewed. In two cases areas of ‘carcinoma in situ’ in the epithelium covering the polyps were demonstrated. The literature is reviewed for reports of malignant transformation and dysplastic changes in nasal and sinusal polyps. We suggest that precancerous changes may ocassionally be noted in inflammatory lesions, a fact that pathologists should keep in mind.


Corresponding author

Capitan Medico D. Alberto del la Cruz Mera Servicio de Anatonia PatologicaHospital Militar Central “Gomez-Ulla”c/ Glorieta de Ejercito s/a28047, Madrid, Spain.


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Premalignant changes in nasal and sinus polyps: a retrospective 10 year study (1979–1988)

  • A. de la Cruzc Mera (a1), M. J. Sánchez López (a1), E. Merino Royo (a1) and L. Requena (a1)


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