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Meningocoele of fallopian canal causing recurrent meningitis

  • G Dhanasekar (a1), K Pearman (a1) and R Irving (a1)



We report a rare case of meningocoele of the fallopian canal resulting in recurrent meningitis.


We present a case report together with a review of the world literature concerning meningocoele of the fallopian canal and meningitis.


A child developed profound, bilateral, sensorineural hearing loss as a result of meningitis caused by a meningocoele of the fallopian canal. He was treated with bilateral cochlear implantation, with a subtotal petrosectomy and middle ear and eustachian tube obliteration on the affected side.


Meningocoele of the fallopian canal has rarely been reported. This lesion can present with recurrent meningitis and, rarely, with facial weakness. All children with recurrent meningitis should be investigated for skull base defects. Treatment aims to prevent further episodes of meningitis; we recommend that this is best achieved by the technique of subtotal petrosectomy, with obliteration of the middle ear and eustachian tube.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Mr G Dhanasekar, 6 Woodhayes Croft, Wolverhampton WV10 8PP, UK. E-mail:


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Presented as a poster at the XI International Facial Nerve Symposium, 25–28th April 2009, Rome, Italy.



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Meningocoele of fallopian canal causing recurrent meningitis

  • G Dhanasekar (a1), K Pearman (a1) and R Irving (a1)


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