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Malignant external otitis in an infant

  • Dan Nir (a1), Tsila Nir (a2), Joshua Danino (a1) and Henry Z. Joachims (a1)


Ten cases of malignant external otitis in children have been reported hitherto. These are reviewed, and an eleventh case, a three-month-old infant associated with genetic granulocytopenia, is presented. On the grounds of the reported paediatric cases, the erudition in childhood is compared with the more common form in the adult, and is found to be much less linked with diabetes mellitus and to have a far better prognosis, with practically no mortality.


Corresponding author

Dan Nir, M.D. Department of Otolaryngology Rambam Medical Center POB 9602, Haifa 31096, Israel


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Malignant external otitis in an infant

  • Dan Nir (a1), Tsila Nir (a2), Joshua Danino (a1) and Henry Z. Joachims (a1)


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