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Long-term results after treatment of nasal fractures

  • Peter Illum (a1)


One hundred and six patients with nasal fractures, treated by reduction in 65 percent, were seen three months and three years after the trauma. The results were compared with a normal group.

Sixteen patients (15 per cent) had sustained recent nasal injuries, and another four patients had undergone correction of the nose during the follow-up period. These patients were left out of the statistical analysis, which thus comprises 88 patients.

Ninety per cent were satisfied with the result, and 84 per cent reported normal passage of air. Physical examination revealed a considerable number of deformities in all groups. including the normal group. Deviation of the external nose was significantly more common in the patients than in the normals. During the follow-up period, secondary deformity—saddling or hump—developed in some cases. Most deformities were slight and of little importane to the patient. Septal deformities were present in over 50 per cent of all groups, including the normal group. There was no aggravation of septal deformities or increasing nasal stenosis during the follow-up period. There patients were interested in secondary corrective treatment.

It is concluded that closed reduction of nasal fractures affords satisfactory long-term results. The study does not support the view that a large number of cases of nasal fracture should be treated by open reduction.


Corresponding author

Associate Professor, ENT Department, University Hospital of Aarhus, Aarhus Kommunehospital, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.


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Long-term results after treatment of nasal fractures

  • Peter Illum (a1)


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