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Endoscopic sinus surgery as day-case procedure

  • Y Bajaj (a1), N Sethi (a1), S Carr (a1) and L C Knight (a1)



Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is the mainstay of surgical treatment for chronic sinusitis. Day-case surgery has the advantage over in-patient surgery of being cost-effective and resource sparing. The objectives of this study were to assess our results for day-case functional endoscopic sinus surgery.


This was a retrospective case note review of day-case functional endoscopic sinus surgery procedures performed at Leeds General Infirmary from February 2004 to February 2007. We recorded patients' demographic data, operative details, post-operative course and follow-up results.


A total of 105 day-case functional endoscopic sinus surgery procedures were included in the study. Patients' ages ranged from 16 to 93 years; 44 (41.9 per cent) were female and 61 (58.1 per cent) were male. Of these patients, 39 (37.1 per cent) had chronic sinusitis and the rest (66; 62.8 per cent) had nasal polyposis and sinusitis. Sixty-one patients (58.1 per cent) underwent surgery on the morning operating list, while the rest (44; 41.9 per cent) underwent surgery in the afternoon. Of the 105 patients, 24 (22.8 per cent) had undergone previous nasal surgery. The majority of patients (90/105; 85.7 per cent) were discharged on the same day as surgery. The only complication recorded in this study was bleeding, noted in seven patients (6.7 per cent). At the follow-up appointment, 90/105 (85.7 per cent) patients were satisfied with their post-operative results.


Day-case endoscopic sinus surgery can be performed safely as a day-case procedure. The most important factors for a successful outcome are correct patient selection, in terms of general health and social circumstances, and a dedicated day-case team.


Corresponding author

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