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Endoscopic balloon dilatation of subglottic stenosis

  • P. R. Axon (a1), C. Hartley (a1) and M. P. Rothera (a1)


Children with subglottic stenosis present a challenging problem to otolaryngologists. In many cases, a tracheostomy is necessary to safeguard the airway, but morbidity and mortality in the tracheostomized child may be significant. Therefore attempts to improve the airway by endoscopic means are often made; unfortunately, these have a variable success rate. Recent encouraging results in the use of balloon dilatation for subglottic stenosis led us to the successful use of this technique in a child whose stenosis had not responded to conventional endoscopic techniques. The reasons for the success are discussed.


Corresponding author

Mr C. Hartley, University Department of Otolaryngology, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9WL.


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Endoscopic balloon dilatation of subglottic stenosis

  • P. R. Axon (a1), C. Hartley (a1) and M. P. Rothera (a1)


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