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International public opinion surveys and public policy in Southern European democracies

  • Juan Sebastián Fernández-Prados (a1), Cristina Cuenca-Piqueras (a1) and María José González-Moreno (a1)


This article aims to analyse the presence of and relationship between the most relevant comparative social research thorough international surveys and public policies reflected in the different official bulletins or gazettes of the countries of southern Europe, specifically Spain, Portugal and Italy. Following a consideration of the process of globalisation of research through surveys, four surveys were selected (Eurobarometer, World Values Survey, International Social Survey Programme, European Social Survey). The complex relationships between public opinion and public policy were also addressed. Finally, it is concluded that the most prominent international surveys have little or no presence in public policies in the countries analysed.


Corresponding author

CONTACT Juan Sebastián Fernández-Prados


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International public opinion surveys and public policy in Southern European democracies

  • Juan Sebastián Fernández-Prados (a1), Cristina Cuenca-Piqueras (a1) and María José González-Moreno (a1)


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