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Toxocara infection in pigs. The use of indirect fluorescent antibody tests and an in vitro larval precipitate test for detecting specific antibodies

  • P. Stevenson (a1) and D. E. Jacobs (a1)


An in vitro larval precipitate test using second-stage Toxocara canis larvae and an indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA) test employing cuticles of T. canis larvae as antigen were evaluated using antisera produced in pigs experimentally infected with T. canis, T. cati, Ascaris suum, Toxascaris leonina and Parascaris equorum. The former test was both specific and sensitive and is suggested as a reliable and simple method of detecting Toxocara antibodies in pigs. The latter test was considered unsuitable because of cross-reactions that occurred when sera from pigs infected with other ascarids were tested. An IFA test for Ascaris antibodies, employing cuticles of A. suum larvae as antigen, is described. The degree of specificity of this test suggests that it may be of value in the detection of antibodies to Ascaris in pigs under natural conditions.



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Toxocara infection in pigs. The use of indirect fluorescent antibody tests and an in vitro larval precipitate test for detecting specific antibodies

  • P. Stevenson (a1) and D. E. Jacobs (a1)


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