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Seropositivity and identification of paramyosin for sparganosis in the Kangwon and Incheon provinces of the Republic of Korea

  • M.-R. Lee (a1), J.-W. Ju (a1), H.-W. Yang (a2), T.-S. Kim (a3), M.-Y. Park (a1) and S.-H. Cho (a1)...


Sparganosis is one of the top three tissue-dwelling heterologous helminthic diseases, along with cysticercosis and paragonimiasis, in Korea. Due to a lack of effective early diagnosis and treatment methods, this parasitic disease is regarded as a public health threat. This study evaluated reactivity, against sparganum extracts, of sera from inhabitants of Cheorwon-gun, Goseong-gun and Ongjin-gun in Korea. The sera from 836 subjects were subjected to enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunoblot analysis. The sera from 18 (5.8%) and 15 (5.1%) inhabitants in Cheorwon-gun (n = 312) and Goseong-gun (n = 294), respectively, exhibited highly positive reactions to the sparganum antigen, whereas only two (0.9%) inhabitants in Ongjin-gun (n = 230) showed positivity. We sought antigenic proteins for serodiagnosis of positive sera by immunoproteomic approaches. Total sparganum lysates were separated by two-dimensional electrophoresis and then subjected to immunoblot analysis with mixed sparganosis-positive sera. We found seven antigenic spots and identified paramyosin as an antigenic protein by liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry. By two-dimensional (2D)-based mass analysis and immunoblotting against sparganosis-positive sera, paramyosin was identified as a candidate antigen for serodiagnosis of sparganosis.


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Seropositivity and identification of paramyosin for sparganosis in the Kangwon and Incheon provinces of the Republic of Korea

  • M.-R. Lee (a1), J.-W. Ju (a1), H.-W. Yang (a2), T.-S. Kim (a3), M.-Y. Park (a1) and S.-H. Cho (a1)...


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