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A new species of Parapharyngodon Chatterji, 1933 (Oxyuroidea: Pharyngodonidae), parasitic in Osteocephalus taurinus (Anura: Hylidae) from Brazil

  • T.A.P. Santos (a1), E.G.G. Argolo (a1), A.N. Santos (a1), A.R.O. Rodrigues (a1), C.E. Gonzaléz (a2), J.N. Santos (a1) and F.T.V. Melo (a1)...


Parapharyngodon politoedi n. sp. is described here, based on specimens found in the large intestines of Osteocephalus taurinus from the Caxiuanã National Forest, State of Pará, Brazil. The new species is assigned to Parapharyngodon based on the presence of non-embryonated eggs with sub-terminal opercula, when in the ovijector. Parapharyngodon politoedi belongs to a group of species with three pairs of cloacal papillae and differs from its congeners by morphometric aspects, such as the length of the spicule, and the combination of the following morphological characters: ovaries never encircling the oesophagus, tail shape in females, cloacal lips, sharply pointed spicule and presence of genital cone. This is the second species of nematode reported to parasitize O. taurinus and the eleventh species of Parapharyngodon from hylids in the Neotropical region.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: F.T.V. Melo, E-mail:


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A new species of Parapharyngodon Chatterji, 1933 (Oxyuroidea: Pharyngodonidae), parasitic in Osteocephalus taurinus (Anura: Hylidae) from Brazil

  • T.A.P. Santos (a1), E.G.G. Argolo (a1), A.N. Santos (a1), A.R.O. Rodrigues (a1), C.E. Gonzaléz (a2), J.N. Santos (a1) and F.T.V. Melo (a1)...


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