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Nematode infection in the lizard Bogertia lutzae (Loveridge, 1941) from the Atlantic forest in north-eastern Brazil

  • R.W. Ávila (a1), L.A. Anjos (a2), U. Gonçalves (a3), E.M.X. Freire (a4), W.O. Almeida (a5) and R.J. da Silva (a2)...


Endoparasites associated with the small bromelicolous lizard Bogertia lutzae, a poorly studied phyllodactylid inhabitant of north-eastern Brazil, were studied. Fifty-seven specimens collected from the Atlantic Forest of Alagoas state were dissected. Only one species of parasite, the nematode Spauligodon oxkutzcabiensis, was found, with a prevalence of 22.8%. The intensity of infection was 2.62 ± 1.19, and neither the prevalence nor mean intensity differed between the sexes. There was no correlation between lizard body size and intensity of infection. An aggregated pattern of distribution (D = 0.813) of S. oxkutzcabiensis was found in this lizard host population. Bogertia lutzae represents a new host recorded for S. oxkutzcabiensis, a parasite reported for the first time for Brazil.


Corresponding author


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