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Echinococcus infections in Chinese dogs: a comparison of coproantigen kits

  • Y. Huang (a1), D.Y. Yi (a1), L.L. Liu (a2), L. Huang (a1), W.J. Yu (a1), Q. Wang (a1), Y.Q. Li (a2), X.M. Han (a3), D.C. Qiu (a1), H. Wang (a3), N. Xiao (a4), W.P. Wu (a4) and D.D. Heath (a5)...


Coproantigen test kits for Echinococcus spp. worms in dogs, designed for commercial use, were obtained from three different Chinese producers, and were compared with a laboratory kit using reagents from New Zealand. None of the three producers would provide details of their test validation. From a known set of dog faeces obtained at necropsy from infected and uninfected dogs, and from faeces collected from dogs necropsied in the field, results differed between the kits. For field material, the Tiankang kit showed the best specificity but lacked sensitivity. The Combined kit showed best sensitivity but lacked specificity. Results for the Haitai kit were intermediate. With samples from experimentally infected dogs, both the Haitai and Combined kits lacked sensitivity. Kits will need to be validated by the user before they can be relied on to predict progress in Echinococcus spp. control in China or in other countries.


Corresponding author


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