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Cercarial shedding patterns of Schistosoma bovis and S. haematobium from single and mixed infections of Bulinus truncatus

  • A. Mouahid (a1), H. Moné (a1), A. Chaib (a1) (a2) and A. Théron (a1)


The cercarial shedding of Schistosoma bovis and S. haematobium were studied in single and mixed infections in the snail host Bulinus truncatus. The two species displayed a distinctive diurnal cercarial emergence with an earlier shedding pattern for S. bovis than S. haematobium (the average emergence peaks were respectively at 0800 h and 1200 h). In mixed infections, each species kept its own cercarial shedding rhythm with no marked alterations. The cercarial emergence pattern is proposed as a new method to identify natural mixed infections in the snail intermediate hosts. The interactions between the two parasites are discussed.



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Cercarial shedding patterns of Schistosoma bovis and S. haematobium from single and mixed infections of Bulinus truncatus

  • A. Mouahid (a1), H. Moné (a1), A. Chaib (a1) (a2) and A. Théron (a1)


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