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Funser: a functional server for textual information retrieval

  • Donald A Ziff (a1), Stephen P Spackman (a2) and Keith Waclena (a3)


This paper describes a data-intensive application written in a lazy functional language: a server for textual information retrieval. The design illustrates the importance of interoperability, the capability of interacting with code written in other programming languages. Lazy functional programming is shown to be a powerful and elegant means of accomplishing several desirable concrete goals: delivering initial results promptly, using space economically, and avoiding unnecessary I/O. Performance results, however, are mixed.



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Funser: a functional server for textual information retrieval

  • Donald A Ziff (a1), Stephen P Spackman (a2) and Keith Waclena (a3)


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Funser: a functional server for textual information retrieval

  • Donald A Ziff (a1), Stephen P Spackman (a2) and Keith Waclena (a3)
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