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Vertically localised equilibrium solutions in large-eddy simulations of homogeneous shear flow

  • Atsushi Sekimoto (a1) and Javier Jiménez (a1)


Unstable equilibrium solutions in a homogeneous shear flow with sinuous (streamwise-shift-reflection and spanwise-shift-rotation) symmetry are numerically found in large-eddy simulations (LES) with no kinetic viscosity. The small-scale properties are determined by the mixing length scale $l_{S}$ used to define eddy viscosity, and the large-scale motion is induced by the mean shear at the integral scale, which is limited by the spanwise box dimension $L_{z}$ . The fraction $R_{S}=L_{z}/l_{S}$ , which plays the role of a Reynolds number, is used as a numerical continuation parameter. It is shown that equilibrium solutions appear by a saddle-node bifurcation as $R_{S}$ increases, and that the flow structures resemble those in plane Couette flow with the same sinuous symmetry. The vortical structures of both lower- and upper-branch solutions become spontaneously localised in the vertical direction. The lower-branch solution is an edge state at low $R_{S}$ , and takes the form of a thin critical layer as $R_{S}$ increases, as in the asymptotic theory of generic shear flow at high Reynolds numbers. On the other hand, the upper-branch solutions are characterised by a tall velocity streak with multiscale multiple vortical structures. At the higher end of $R_{S}$ , an incipient multiscale structure is found. The LES turbulence occasionally visits vertically localised states whose vortical structure resembles the present vertically localised LES equilibria.


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