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Unsteady viscous flow over a wavy wall

  • W. H. Lyne (a1)


The method of conformal transformation is used to investigate the steady streaming generated by an oscillatory viscous flow over a wavy wall. By assuming that the amplitude of the wall is much smaller than the Stokes layer thickness, the equations are linearized and solved for large and small values of the parameter kR. This parameter is the ratio of the amplitude of oscillation of a fluid particle to the wavelength of the wall. When kR [Lt ] 1, the results due to Schlichting (1932) are recovered, and when kR [Gt ] 1 the equations resemble closely those derived in the theory of stability of plane parallel flows. With the aid of this theory the first-order steady streaming is found.



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Unsteady viscous flow over a wavy wall

  • W. H. Lyne (a1)


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