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Unstable Richtmyer–Meshkov growth of solid and liquid metals in vacuum

  • W. T. Buttler (a1), D. M. Oró (a1), D. L. Preston (a2), K. O. Mikaelian (a3), F. J. Cherne (a4), R. S. Hixson (a1), F. G. Mariam (a1), C. Morris (a1), J. B. Stone (a1), G. Terrones (a5) and D. Tupa (a1)...


We present experimental results supporting physics-based ejecta model development, where our main assumption is that ejecta form as a special limiting case of a Richtmyer–Meshkov (RM) instability at a metal–vacuum interface. From this assumption, we test established theory of unstable spike and bubble growth rates, rates that link to the wavelength and amplitudes of surface perturbations. We evaluate the rate theory through novel application of modern laser Doppler velocimetry (LDV) techniques, where we coincidentally measure bubble and spike velocities from explosively shocked solid and liquid metals with a single LDV probe. We also explore the relationship of ejecta formation from a solid material to the plastic flow stress it experiences at high-strain rates () and high strains (700 %) as the fundamental link to the onset of ejecta formation. Our experimental observations allow us to approximate the strength of Cu at high strains and strain rates, revealing a unique diagnostic method for use at these extreme conditions.


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