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Toward approximating non-local dynamics in single-point pressure–strain correlation closures

  • Aashwin A. Mishra (a1) and Sharath S. Girimaji (a2)


A key hurdle in turbulence modelling is the closure for the pressure–strain correlation. Herein, the challenge stems from the fact that the non-local dynamics due to pressure cannot be comprehensively incorporated in a single-point closure expression. In this article, we analyse different aspects of the dynamics due to pressure for their amenability with the single-point modelling framework. Based on this, an approach is proposed that incorporates a set of pragmatic compromises in the form and the scope of the model to augment the degree of non-local dynamics that may be approximated by a single-point pressure strain correlation model. Thence, this framework is utilized to formulate an illustrative model. The predictions of this model are compared to numerical and experimental data and contrasted against other established closures over a range of homogeneous flows, under diverse conditions. Finally, the regions of validity in anisotropy space for this illustrative model are delineated using the process realizability criteria for different flows.


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Toward approximating non-local dynamics in single-point pressure–strain correlation closures

  • Aashwin A. Mishra (a1) and Sharath S. Girimaji (a2)


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