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Secondary instabilities in the flow around two circular cylinders in tandem



Direct stability analysis and numerical simulations have been employed to identify and characterize secondary instabilities in the wake of the flow around two identical circular cylinders in tandem arrangements. The centre-to-centre separation was varied from 1.2 to 10 cylinder diameters. Four distinct regimes were identified and salient cases chosen to represent the different scenarios observed, and for each configuration detailed results are presented and compared to those obtained for a flow around an isolated cylinder. It was observed that the early stages of the wake transition changes significantly if the separation is smaller than the drag inversion spacing. The onset of the three-dimensional instabilities were calculated and the unstable modes are fully described. In addition, we assessed the nonlinear character of the bifurcations and physical mechanisms are proposed to explain the instabilities. The dependence of the critical Reynolds number on the centre-to-centre separation is also discussed.


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Secondary instabilities in the flow around two circular cylinders in tandem



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