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Scattering of internal tides by irregular bathymetry of large extent

  • Yile Li (a1) and Chiang C. Mei (a2)


We present an analytical theory of scattering of tide-generated internal gravity waves in a continuously stratified ocean with a randomly rough seabed. Based on a linearized approximation, the idealized case of constant mean sea depth and Brunt–Väisälä frequency is considered. The depth fluctuation is assumed to be a stationary random function of space, characterized by small amplitude and a correlation length comparable to the typical wavelength. For both one- and two-dimensional topographies the effects of scattering on the wave phase over long distances are derived explicitly by the method of multiple scales. For one-dimensional topography, numerical results are compared with Bühler & Holmes-Cerfon (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 678, 2011, pp. 271–293), computed by the method of characteristics. For two-dimensional topography, new results are presented for both statistically isotropic and anisotropic cases.


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