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Relaxation of a dewetting contact line. Part 2. Experiments



The dynamics of receding contact lines is investigated experimentally through controlled perturbations of a meniscus in a dip-coating experiment. We first describe stationary menisci and their breakdown at the coating transition. Above this transition where liquid is deposited, it is found that the dynamics of the interface can be interpreted as a quasi-steady succession of stationary states. This provides the first experimental access to the entire bifurcation diagram of dynamical wetting, confirming the hydrodynamic theory developed in Part 1. In contrast to quasi-static theories based on a dynamic contact angle, we demonstrate that the transition strongly depends on the large-scale flow geometry. We then establish the dispersion relation for large wavenumbers, for which we find a decay rate σ proportional to wavenumber |q|. The speed dependence of σ is described well by hydrodynamic theory, in particular the absence of diverging time scales at the critical point. Finally, we highlight some open problems related to contact angle hysteresis that lead beyond the current description.



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