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Rayleigh–Marangoni oscillatory instability in a horizontal liquid layer heated from above: coupling and mode mixing of internal and surface dilational waves

  • A. YE. REDNIKOV (a1) (a2), P. COLINET (a1) (a2), M. G. VELARDE (a1) and J. C. LEGROS (a2)


An oscillatory instability mechanism is identified for a horizontal liquid layer with undeformable open surface heated from the air side. Although buoyancy and surface tension gradients are expected to play a stabilizing role in this situation, we show that, acting together, they may lead to the instability of the motionless state of the system. The instability is a consequence of the coupling between internal and surface waves, whose resonant interaction and resulting mode mixing are discussed. Predictions amenable to experimental test are given together with a thorough analytical and numerical study of the problem.


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