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Prandtl number dependence and instability mechanism of the near-field flow in a planar thermal plume

  • Tae Hattori (a1), S. E. Norris (a2), M. P. Kirkpatrick (a1) and S. W. Armfield (a1)


This study considers the convective-type instability of the near-field flow of a planar, pure thermal plume with a finite area source. Previous studies revealed the existence of an off-axis thermal boundary-layer instability, driving a puffing instability in the central ascending column, and qualitatively showed correlations between instabilities in these two flow regions. This paper extends the analysis to examine the effect of Prandtl number on transitional near-field behaviours and reports on the stability characteristics of a near-field, pure thermal plume based on a direct stability analysis. The variations in flow behaviours in response to symmetric and asymmetric disturbances suggest the existence of coupled instability mechanisms in the off-axis thermal boundary layer and the central ascending column.


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Prandtl number dependence and instability mechanism of the near-field flow in a planar thermal plume

  • Tae Hattori (a1), S. E. Norris (a2), M. P. Kirkpatrick (a1) and S. W. Armfield (a1)


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